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Bug Bounty Program Award Winners 2015 - Exclusive Interview by United Airlines & Facebook

Announcement of the Bug Bounty Program Award Winners 2015 - Exclusive Interviews with United Airlines & Facebook

We worked hard to represent the winners of 2015 after the nicely solved first award ceremonie in 2014. This year we exclusivly release the winners of the international "Bug Bounty Awards". The award is nominated twice for the "Best Upcoming Bug Bounty Program" and the "Best Bug Bounty Program" of the year.

The winners of the award are nominated via email vote by 100 vulnerability laboratory researchers and 101 independent or individual security researchers. The voting results will be multiplied to finally discover the winners. Be welcome to visit the new awards module in the vulnerability laboratory infrastructure with archive.


Hack the Pentagon Bug Bounty Program - Registration Activated 18th April since 16th May

DoD Bug Bounty - Registration Activated 18th April - 16th May 2016

Today at night the new bug bounty page of the Department of Defense became online. About some weeks ago the Department of Defense announced to startup a bug bounty program for individuals and us citizens in apil 2016. In the new information letter the DoD announced how to participate in the official bug bounty program.


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