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Rhein Ruhr Express (RRX) - DNS Cache Snooping Vulnerability on Wifi Hotspot

DNS Cache Snooping Vulnerability on Wifi Hotspots by Siemens

The Rhein-Ruhr-Express (RRX) is a program currently being implemented to provide regional transport on the core route of the Ruhr area and the central Rhineland from Dortmund via Essen, Duisburg and Düsseldorf to Cologne. The RXX is from the company "Abello". The vehicles of the RRX are of the type Siemens Desiro HC. The company Siemens is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicles as well as the internal hardware over a contractually defined period of 30 years.


Bundeswehr Generalmajor officially acknowledges Whitehat for Responsible Disclosure Activities

Responsible Disclosure Program (VDPBW) 2021

One year has now passed since the Bundeswehr made public the first vulnerability disclosure policy (vdpbw) for a responsible disclosure program. Since our security researchers always like to be the first to test and actively participate in a bug bounty or responsible disclosure program, we naturally started this time as well.

Many security researchers from all over germany and even the eu participated in the program. Approximately 100 valid security vulnerabilities were submitted. The bundeswehr is already talking about a great success of the "VDPBW" program. One security researcher from the vulnerability-lab team, whom we all know particularly well as the usual suspect "Benjamin Mejri (Kunz)", has once again hit the bell of success.


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