PayPal Inc Increases Bug Bounty Payments in 2018 up to 30.000$

Bug Bounty Program increases payments for researchers in 2018

Today in the morning the paypal inc bug bounty program updated again within one month the official bug bounty program conditions. The newst update of j.p. morgan increases the payment amounts to a new stage for participating security researchers.

The announced updates include the new maximum bounty payout of $30,000 (USD). The increase of the payments for bug bounties became available to assist unique security researcher. The special payment update is dedicated to attract top-tier security researchers to followup on another stage with the cooperative program. The new maximum payment amount becomes effective on march 12th, 2018 Q1. All submits that do arrive by researcher ahead to the announced date are handled as regular with the already known rules. The new high payment amounts should high up the amounts of reports delivered to paypal inc and and to reduce the risk for paypals applications and paypal users.

PayPal notes in there email to the security researcher community that the increase only applies to bug and vulnerabilities submitted to paypals new bug bounty portal on or after march 12th, 2018.


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