Bug Bounty


Google Upgrades VRP Bug Bounty Platform

10th Anniversary - VRP Upgrade

Google announced this week on its official security blog that the current bug bounty program will be rebranded for its anniversary. As with other vulnerability disclosure platforms, a gamification model will be used to further motivate the research community.

Gamification is the transfer of game-typical elements and processes into non-game contexts with the aim of changing behavior and increasing motivation among users.


MSRC extends Bug Bounty Program for Microsoft Teams

New Teams Desktop Client Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft Teams is a platform developed by Microsoft that combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments. The service is integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite with Microsoft Office and Skype/Skype for Business.

In recent weeks, microsoft's msrc team has added the Microsoft Teams application to the bug bounty program that currently already exists. In a public post on the msrc newsblog the team announced the new program.


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