Mozilla Foundation starts "Winter of Security Program 2014" for Students & Groups

Mozilla Foundation starts "Winter of Security Program 2014" for Students

The Mozilla Foundation revealed around the 15th may new details to the new "Winter of Security" program in 2014.

The winter of security program is for students and student groups only.

The security event starts in 2014-Q3 and ends in april 2015 next year. The registration is available via application form by google.

The mozilla officials announced that the program has been started because of several requests by students, which want to develop security related tools. As part of the program the students are allowed to use the captured information for the examination of the own study in the local university.

The program coordination will be done by the "Security Automation Group" and the involved tools to develop or extend are for example ZAP, Zest, Plug’n’Hack, Minion, MIG, Mozdef, ScanJS or Cipherscan.

In a official blog post the mozilla foundation member Curtis König said  "Winter of Security, so called because we want students to get involved roughly between September and April. Each project has an advisor from Mozilla who will be dedicating a few hours every week to the students. We also ask that a professor oversees the team from a university point of view, and ensures the projects align with their curriculum. Anyone can apply, under the condition that the university will give class credits and a grade for the work done in MWoS."

Registration Form: (Students & Groups)


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