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Manchester City - Football Club hosts first Hackathon in July 2016

Manchester City - Football Club hosts first Hackathon in July 2016

The city of football club ManchesterCity had organized a new event #HackMCFC, which will provide participants with access to the world  leading performances including  match data associated with  players to help them to uncover detailed sight , students who are interested  in fields like (tech,  data , Digital Product Design ) are invited to participates in this event for a weekend of hacking. The Event is supported by  Premier League, OptaPro and ChyronHego,  which will take place from 29 - 31 July at the City Football Academy. Participants will be able to access rarely released data sets provided by OptaPro and ChyronHego to help them catalyst new ideas and insights about player and team performance.
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Hack in the Box | Amsterdam 2015 | HITB

Hack in the Box | Amsterdam 2015 | HITB

HITB HAXPO | Date: 26th - 29th May 2015

On May 27 we arrived in Amsterdam and entered the hackBoat in an Amsterdam suburb, where we'd work and live for the next three days. The windows look out to the Gracht river, and the ducks wanted our bread right ASAP. Soon after we arrived, our Hacker Grandpa John Draper -- aka Cap'n Crunch -- came as well. It was nice to meet our good old friend in the city that we love so much. Our first stop was a friendly cafe where we enjoyed the whole menu.

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Egyptian Workshop - Bug Bounty & Security Research

Egyptian Workshop - Security Research & PenetrationTesting

The goal of the event is to spread the idea of information security within Egypt and attract Geeks and people who interested in information security.

We will discuss the following topics ...
1. How to begin your journey in hacking and penetration testing?
2. How to keep your personal information and website secure?
3. How can programmers use their knowledge in hacking to make secured applications?
4. What is Bug Bounty Programs and Who is the best security researchers who has the best influence on this field?

Everyboy of egypt is welcome to register and for sure we also support other african parties next to the event.


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