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Google Chrome & Engine - Company increased payment up to 15.000$

Google Chrome & Engine - Company increased payment up to 15.000$

In the last week shortly after the update of the microsoft corporation bug bounty program, the google security team rushed to acknowledge that the payment amount of chrome exploits has been increased by the internal security team after a conference.

The company justified the repeated increase so that it is increasingly difficult to discover remote vulnerabilities in the chrome browsers or the engine. Google official announced that the company will reward increased expenses for security researcher accordingly.

Note: July 1st & Bug Reports
Who has filed a security report as issue since July 1 this year, which was accepted by the Google Security Team, should also benefit from the increase to receive an additional bug bounty payment.



BlackPhone Bug Bounty 2014 - Infrastructure & Services

Blackphone Bug Bounty Program 2014 - Infrastructure, Support & Services

The Blackphone is a smartphone developed by SGP Technologies that provides encryption for phone calls, emails, texts & browsing. SGP Technologies is a joint venture business between the makers of GeeksPhone & Silent Circle.

Blackphone provides internet access through a secure VPN online-service. The blackphone mobile runs a modified version of PrivatOS, forked from Android 4.4.2, that comes with a bundle of security-minded tools. On June 30 in 2014 the silentcircle team began to ship pre-orders for the soon available blackphone device.

During the last week the blackphone company silent-circle discovered the new bug bounty program. In scope of the bug bounty program are the following targets of the company.


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