300,000 USD reward to Hackers that crack the Telegram Encryption

300,000 USD reward to Hackers that crack the Telegram Encryption

Today in the morning a new blog post of the telegram company started the new public cipher competition. The competition is located to the same conditions like the wickr bug bounty program and focus on breaking the software encryption.

Contest Interface
In order to facilitate the task, we have created an interface, using which you can act as the server and determine which side gets what data. For more details, please check out the Cracking Contest Description.

In order to confirm that Telegram crypto was indeed cracked and claim your $300,000, you‘ll need to send an email to the secret email address that you’ve extracted from one of the messages exchanged by Paul and Nick.


Your email must contain:
- The entire text of the message that contained the secret email.
- Session logs for the successful attempt with your user_id.
- A detailed explanation of the attack on the protocol.
- Your bank account details to receive the $300,000 prize.

Note: There is also a bonus objective with an independent prize of $100,000.

End Date
To prove that the competition was fair, we will add a command that returns the keys used for encryption as soon as a winner is announced. In case there is no winner by February 4, 2015, decryption commands will be added at that date.


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