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Vulnerability Laboratory - Evolution Security announced to become a GmbH

Vulnerability Laboratory - Evolution Security announced to become a GmbH

During the last week we are proud to announce that the background company evolution security becomes a `GmbH`. Since the beginning of the program we are glad to say that everything went successful to the vulnerability laboratory in 2014. We did a big investment by our own to forward the background company and laboratory in the right direction.

The reason why we made the investment is that we want to develop new modules to the laboratory and extend the running services. We want to disclose more issues and finalize the template of reports.

Another good reason for the investment was that we want to hire people with stable employment contracts to join the laboratory infrastructure throught he evolution security company.


15.000$ to safe the Captain Crunch - John Draper Healthcare Campaign

15.000$ to safe the Captain - John Draper Healthcare Campaign

During the last months we received several notify mails and messages of John Draper alias Captain Crunch from hospital in the usa. He told us that he have multiple problems with the cost of his healthcare costs. A short time ago the doctor told him that he maybe will lose his leg in the near future.

The core team made some silent calls around him. All what happened to him was with negatively affected by the costs that he wasn't able to cover. Like everybody knows the us healtcare system is not the best, especially to a branded phreaker like john that is in a well connection to the local government since the 80`s.

Oliver S. and Benjamin K.M. came together in a conference and notified several magazine partners and individuals to sahre a campaign that helps john draper to cover the costs.


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