New HackRF Case for Devs & Pentesters Released (ABS & PLA)

New HackRF Case Available (ABS & PLA)

HackRF One first version is part of great scott gadgets which is a software defined radio peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The HackRF One can send and receive almost any radio signal. This allows pentesters to disable smarthome alarm systems, open cars and intercept SMS messages. Even telephone calls can be tapped or simply listed by the frequence. The hackrf device is well known in the it-security business by researchers and developers.

Normally the hackrf is delivered with a hard metal case, metal plates and some screws like you can see in the following picture.

In all our tests and developments, the case was maninly useless because of the device access and weight. The following print includes a special 3 part case for the HackRF device (PLA or ABS). The 3 part case allows you to interact with the board during a running mode. The first part is the main part that holds the hackrf board safe.

The size of the case has been optimized for the board for a handy usage.

Next to that the weight of the new case is much lower. The case is handier and slimmer cut although it has all the information elements like the original case. The first and third part of the case shows all information of the device with the specific declarations (clkin, clkout, usb, leds and more), one part is directly connected to the lower part, the third part is attached like a cover.

In the regular metal case you have to use the screws and in the new case there is no requirement for them anymore because of the board is already stabilised through the pin holes with the basic nut bolt.

The usage of ABS is a better solution for this case then using PLA to make the case more heat resistant. The full case with the SLDPRT (Editable) and STL (Print) files can be downloaded from the official vulnerability laboratory page in the documents section. Enjoy to use the new hackrf case for your development or pentests.



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Je trouve le design du boîtier très bien fait. Il n'a besoin que d'une finition minimale à la fin.

thanks for the stl plan. I printed it and it works great. I still have the display open as an extension. would you upload for thinkiverse?

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