FaceDancer 21 Circuit Board - New Universal Case for PenTests

FaceDancer 21 Circuit Board - New Universal Case for PenTests

The FaceDancer allows a computer (or "host") to masquerade as a USB "device" to communicate with other Hosts. One USB ports connects to the victim (or host) the other connects to a development machine. Python can then be used to send USB commands in real time.This allows passive monitoring and injecting it into the USB bus.
Think of this as doing the same thing the Bus Pirate does for SPI and i2c, except that it’s doing it on the USB protocol itself. This way you can feel your way through all of the road-bumps of developing a new device (or testing an exploit) without the need to continually compile and flash your hardware.
Our Vulnerability Lab Team has developed a pluggable case for FaceDancer with cutomized STL files configuration downloadable and can be modified with desired configuration. The USB protocol requires that anything with USB  declare itself as either a "device" or "host". "Hosts" are computers and other "big" things. "Devices" are iPod, iPads, USB thumb drives and other "small" accessory-like things. (If you are familiar with USB OTG cables, then you probably understand a bit about this already. If you ever want a USB "host" to pretend to be a USB "device", you need special hardware. The FaceDancer 2 is that specific called hardware to use for thus typ of interaction on security tests. Vulnerability Laboratory core research team has added more functionality to Facedancer with a new secure case to easly manage the device during an active pentest.
The first picture shows the ABS material that is transparent to see the status leds of the facedancer platin. The pla design is a cap to open the device case any time you want to without two peels for head an buttom. Thus design helps you to reach the most important parts of the platin next to the active usage.
The second picture shows how the platin is implemented to the resistant ABS material case. There is a small shaft with the size of the facedancer 2 platin to snap in easily.
The thrid picture shows the pla material cap with an integrated usb adapter for device to protocol communication. The usb adapter is a little gadget that is required on usage to connect with another device. We integrated it behind the little transparent cap to speedup the usage. Using thus allows you to have all components at one place.
Finally the device is resistent against 100°+ Celsius with the special material, has a transparent watch to the status leds, includes an usb adapter of choice and conform by the new small practical design.
Developers and non researcher are as well able to download the free stl configuration files directly to use it for modifications or as regular case. The material is stable since 130° celsisus are reached.
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pretty nice case, i like :)

i will download the stl files to test.

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