Bug Bounty Programs - Manufacturer Award 31st January 2015

Award Nomination (Bug Bounty Programs) of 2014 - 31st January 2015

Due to the short holidays and a long security conference the ceremonie of the "Best Upcoming Bug Bounty Program of the Year 2014", "Best Bug Bounty Vulnerability of the Year 2014" and "Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year 2014"  -Award takes place the 31st January  2015.

We already started to inform the press, new partners and other magazines of our network to publish the winners after the ceremonie.

The vulnerability laboratory site votes are already done by mail since 31st december. We still await some votes of the public and independent community. The magazine hosts a sidebar (right), that allows to vote in polls with an registered account. The top programs are already listed and some independent votes are already arrived. Feel free to vote as independent researcher.

Polls: http://magazine.vulnerability-db.com/?q=poll

Trophy: Best Bug Bounty Vulnerability of 2014

Award: Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year 2014

Award: Best Upcoming Bug Bounty Program of the Year 2014






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