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New HackRF Case for Devs & Pentesters Released (ABS & PLA)

New HackRF Case Available (ABS & PLA)

HackRF One first version is part of great scott gadgets which is a software defined radio peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The HackRF One can send and receive almost any radio signal. This allows pentesters to disable smarthome alarm systems, open cars and intercept SMS messages. Even telephone calls can be tapped or simply listed by the frequence. The hackrf device is well known in the it-security business by researchers and developers.

Normally the hackrf is delivered with a hard metal case, metal plates and some screws like you can see in the following picture.


Banknotes Misproduction security & biometric weakness

Banknotes Misproduction security & biometric weakness

In the last months vulnerability lab team reviewed the new 20€ & 50€ banknotes of the european central bank. One of our core team researchers identified that for the security sign of the holograms are different components in usage. The security signs are build by the European Central Bank with several high profile elements in the signs to ensure, that the banknotes has a serious level of protection again fraud or fake money. After processing some time to identify an impact, we were finally able to identify the following security problematic.


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