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Microsoft Online Service Bug Bounty Program Live - Startup 23. September!

During the last year we was waiting for the new public release that was silent announced by microsoft officials in the tech center. In several mails and conversations they announced silently between the lines that there will be a bug bounty program for online services in the future.

Microsoft published the new conditions, scope and rules of the program that starts today (23. September). An anonymous microsoft official notified the vulnerability laboratory in the morning as one of the first community to announce the exclusive new program to the publicly.


The program scope allows to submit vulnerabilities in the following online service applications and software


Bitcoin Bounty Hunter - Catch the Criminals to Score!

Bitcoin Bounty Hunter - Catch the Criminals to Score!

The bitcoin community has started a new bounty hunter program. The program has been build to catch criminals that interact with bitcoins. Several times in the last years has happened evil incidents to the bitcoin community.

To protect the community and the services in connection with the law enforcement there are several bounties available to earn bitcoins. At the beginning of the program since two days ago, we can confirm that 3 bounties are available to the public. Mostly the incidents are near a large amount of stolen bitcoins to catch  the original criminal that broke the security and has stolen the information.

Bitcoin Bounty Hunter Intro


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