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German Bundeswehr starts own Responsible Disclosure Program (VDPBw)

Bundeswehr Responsible Disclosure Program (VDPBw)

Today, on october 22, the German Armed Forces "Bundeswehr" officially launched the new Responsible Disclosure Program for reporting vulnerabilities and security vulnerabilities. Preparations have been underway for a few weeks now and can be clearly seen on the domain in the updates of the provided "Security.txt". Some of the links behind it do not work yet, because the program will be officially released today with an announcement of the German Armed Forces. An update of the current status can be seen on the twitter page of Kommando CIR of the Bundeswehr.


Vulnerability in LANCOM Systems Wireless Controller Series uncovered

LANCOM Systems Wireless Controller Series (Public Spot) - Several Patches Released by Support Today

Security researchers of the vulnerability laboratory core research team uncovered about 3 weeks ago a new vulnerability in the LANCOM Systems wireless controller product series. With WLAN controllers, access points can be configured and controlled locally and centrally, fully automatically. LANCOM WLAN controllers offer you uniform network control, scalability, security and reliability. Planning and management of the WLAN is thus conveniently and easily handled centrally via the WLAN Controller.


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