Barracuda Networks Bug Bounty Program is temporarily closed since 9th December

Exciting Bug Bounty Program changes announced!

In the last month the barracuda networks security team has closed the official bug bounty program with the information and credits. The company officials announced that the program stop is only temporarily since the new service becomes hopefully available since 9th december 2014. 

Barracuda Netowrks is well know to improve, upgrade or change parts of the program to become a better security feedback, reports or resources. Since yet the service was mostly available by using the email with encrypted communication to report bugs but it looks like there will soon popup some major changes.

Today we discussed with the magazine staff team in the office and everybody is looking forward to more services in scope, another tracking system, demos or more privileges to pentest for trusted researchers. Since the beginning of the bug bounty program the barracuda networks company made a lot of changes to ensure the researcher community is successful connected. The company is 2014 also under the top 3 nominated companies for the bug bounty program of the year award.

Security Researchers and Vulnerability Researchers that reported already bugs and has not seen the program closed temporarily have the following option. "We ask that you hold your report and resubmit it when we reopen."

Feel free to join the public barracuda networks bug bounty program. We keep you updated on the new status of the service.

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