Barracuda - New Bug Bounty Ticket System available

Barracuda - New Bug Bounty Program Ticket System available

The barracuda networks security program did several updates last month. In march 2014 they activated to use the new bug tracking ticket system. The internal Barracuda Networks ticket application is capturing the vulnerability reports and generates unique id to identify. In the years ago the barracuda networks security team generated bnsec id numbers to identify a report but because of some minor troubles in the communication the system has obviously been changed.

The barracuda networks bug bounty program is a trusted and independent running bug bounty programme without regulations of the governement or connected third party services like hackerone services. In case of a new report the system directly responds with a new ticket after a first moderator reviewed the issue. The security team reviews the send reports and makes internal tickets which are weekly sorted, updated and analysed. The new ids speedup the verification because of the prepared edu team behind. The technical system behind responds automatically and opens the possibility for the researcher to attach the id own questions, prepared updates or resources. In the future the barracuda bug bounty program will become much faster in communication and coordination. In the last 2 weeks the payment procedure has also been upgraded to the online-banking service of paypal.


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