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FaceDancer 21 Circuit Board - New Universal Case for PenTests

FaceDancer 21 Circuit Board - New Universal Case for PenTests

The FaceDancer allows a computer (or "host") to masquerade as a USB "device" to communicate with other Hosts. One USB ports connects to the victim (or host) the other connects to a development machine. Python can then be used to send USB commands in real time.This allows passive monitoring and injecting it into the USB bus.
Think of this as doing the same thing the Bus Pirate does for SPI and i2c, except that it’s doing it on the USB protocol itself. This way you can feel your way through all of the road-bumps of developing a new device (or testing an exploit) without the need to continually compile and flash your hardware.

Apple Cupertino announces to startup official Bug Bounty Program in 2016

New Apple (Cupertino) Bug Bounty Program Upcoming in 2016

As part of a security presentation given at this year's Black Hat conferences, Apple announced that it would be starting up a new bug bounty program for cupertino products. The offical bug bounty program will reward security researchers who uncover vulnerabilities in Apple's products and bring them to the company's attention. The scopes of the bug bounty programs are clearly defined by the apple product security team in the public ahead to the basic start-up of the full program.


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