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US Military starts official "Hack the Army" Bug Bounty Program

US Military starts official "Hack the Army" Bug Bounty Program

Due to the last days "Eric Fanning" secretary of the us army announced, that the new "Hack the Army" Bug Bounty Program will start soon. In 2016 the "Hack the Pentagon" Program was disclosing about 140 vulnerabilities to the infrastructure of the department of defense and pentagon. All the valuable information of the successful program made the decision more easy for representatives to lunch the next new bug bounty program called "Hack the Army".


Wickr Inc - When honesty disappears behind the VCP Mountain

Wickr Inc Secret Messenger - Bug Bounty Program Vulnerabilities by Design

Today we would like to talk about the security of the american secret messenger called "Wickr - Secret Messenger". The company of the product is located in the united states and encrypts messaging context with high military grades. The software is build to secure the customer against local and remote attacks but as well forensic methods of law enforcment agencies. In the development team is filled with people like jeff moss and dan kaminsky, which are assisting the process with there expertise. On January 15th, 2014, Wickr announced it is offering a  $100,000 usd bug bounty for those who find vulnerabilities that significantly impact users. After we received the invitiation to the program, we decided to participate due to a longer period of time.


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