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Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year 2014 - Competition & Award

Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year - Competition & Award

Today we announce a new update that takes place inside of the bug bounty module. After several discussion to the public researcher communities and the independent laboratory members we came to the decision to publish 3 international competitions.

The three new categories for the programs and competition are "Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year", "Best Upcomings Bug Bounty Program of the Year" and "Best Bug Bounty Issue of the Year (VL)". All three new sections impact information about the competition and award > "Award Nomination of the ...", "Characteristics of the ..." and "What is the ...?".


MIA Russian Federation pays 110.000$ reward in competition to compromise the Tor Network Infrastructure

Ministery of Internal Affairs (Russian Federation) Vs. Tor Network & Software

The Ministery of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation started to publish a statement during a security new competition. The ministery praises a competitive to compromise the tor service network or to reveal the information of an independent anonym tor network user. The contest runs since november 30th. The registration has already been started manually but an automatic solution is in progress by the internal team.


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