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Apple iOS v9.2.1, v9.1 & v9.0 - Researcher disclosed multiple PassCode Protection Bypass Vulnerabilities

Apple iOS v9.2.1 (iPhone & iPad) - Researcher disclosed multiple PassCode Bypass Vulnerabilities

Today in the early morning the vulnerability researcher and ceo of the vulnerability laboratory disclosed several new issues in the newst Apple iOS version (9.2.1). The vulnerabilities allow local attackers with physical device access to bypass the passcode protection of the iPhone (5|5s|6|6s) and iPad (Mini|1|2). Benjamin did already successful discovered around 10 vulnerabilities in the pass code module and the regular ios device protection mechanisms due to the last years. The new bugs turns a new light to the situation of apple against the fbi because of easily bypass the device protection mechanism. In the newst report of today, Benjamin released about 4 new hacks on how to bypass the security protection mechanism of the apple ios passcode module.

Technical details of the local vulnerabilities ...


Apache Sling FW v2.3.6 - Remote SlingPostServlet Exception Vulnerability

Apache Sling FW v2.3.6 (Adobe AEM) - Remote Sling Post Servlet Exception Vulnerability

Adobe Inc released a security bulletin today officially acknowledging the Vulnerability Laboratory Core Team Researcher "Ateeq ur Rehman Khan" for discovering a high severity vulnerability affecting the Apache Sling Framework v2.3.6 which is a core part of the Adobe AEM/CQ5 software. The vulnerability is a classic information disclosure issue with high severity. The security risk of the exception software vulnerability in the apache sling framework is estimated as high (CVSS 6.4).


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