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PayPal Inc announces 2 new Bug Bounty Program Domains

PayPal Inc - New Scope & Program Guidelines

It was a bit silent around the independent paypal inc bug bounty program within the last year, because the developers were silently programming and designing new stable updates. Today in the morning the paypal inc company announced several new updates regarding the guidelines and scopes. The company decided, to expand the program conditions to followup with the program after years of successful public integration.

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Telekom Cloud & Web SSO vulnerable to Bypass & Persistent XSS Attacks

Telekom Cloud - MyworkPlace Business Frontend & Backend Vulnerabilities

Researchers of the vulnerability laboratory core team discovered multiple persistent cross site scripting web vulnerabilities to the telekom cert team in mid december 2016. The security vulnerabilities was located in the new telekom cloud business service and myworkplace for paying customers.The "Deutsche Telekom" offers the "Open Telekom Cloud" a secure Infrastructure as-a-service offering based on "OpenStack". The hosting is located in highly secure data centers of the telekom in germany.


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