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Advanced Persistent Threat Golden_hands - Digital Bank Robbery of the Year 2020

The Digital Bank Robbery of the Year 2020 - APT "Golden_hands" (Government Emergency Aid)

In last 4-5 weeks our company Evolution Security GmbH and all around us were affected by the economy crisis that came cold from the back. This is a story about advanced persistent threats in Germany and the European Union during the crisis affecting the finance system and economy sector.

All began about in January when we still planned with different other security companies and institutions to start an awareness program cause we have noticed the upcoming wave of phishing, hacker attacks and malware. Shortly after we all took together several resources and build up a refreshing list of phishing / fraud and malware domains.


Apple extends exisiting private bug bounty program at the end of the year

Apple Updates Bug Bounty Program Q4

In recent years, Apple and the company around cupertino have received massive criticism about the current Bug Bounty program. Among other things, well-known security researchers from the scene have criticized Apple for a faulty program, which attracts others but never pays off. The reason for this was that Apple's bug bounty program was only open for private invitations. But now that Apple is confronted more and more with full disclosure and data protection failures as well as vulnerabilities that cannot be denied anymore, the internal program has to be revised in its methodology. Reasons for this are higher prices on black markets, penalties for data protection incidents and the publicly criticizing security researchers.


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