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PayPal Inc Updates the Bug Bounty Program with Venmo Payments Services

PayPal Inc - Venmo Bug Bounty Program

Today in the morning paypal inc announced its newst updates of the bug bounty program. The new service is called "Venmo" and became to today official part of the bug bounty program.

For the program the official terms and process for submitting PayPal bugs apply at that point. In a email for the paypal bug bounty researchers, paypal informs about how to report in the official portal in an email delivered to the paypal bug bounty research community. To participate in the program security researchers will need to be registered on the portal, using an official PayPal account login. After submitting a bug through the portal the researcher will be able to login any time to review the bug’s status.

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Intel expands the own Bug Bounty Program for Security Researchers

Intel Bug Bounty Program for Public Researchers

Intel decided latly after the incident of the last year with meltdown, spectre and other security issues that the bug bounty program will expand and be opened to other international security researchers. The upcoming updates are announced in a web blog post of intel to the community.

The rules of the actual program has been updated and security researchers will now receive higher rewards (bug bounties) if they find or discover security holes and vulnerabilities in Intel hardware.


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