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Microsoft BingPlaces Business - (url) Redirect Vulnerability

Open Redirect in Microsoft BingPlaces Business uncovered

Security researchers of the vulnerability laboratory uncovered this week an open redirect vulnerability in the famous microsoft bingplaces business web-application. The issue allows to redirect users by client-side get method request to external malformed or malicious sources.

The open redirect security vulnerability is located in the `url` parameter of the `TrackEmailOpen` function in the `StatsTracker` module. The `url` parameter has no restriction to the requested url content. Remote attackers are able to redirect client-side get method requests because of a non restricted url parameter. The attack vector of the vulnerability is non-persistent and the request method to execute is get. The vulnerability is a classic open redirect web vulnerability.

Vulnerable Module(s):
[+] StatsTracker


Google Expands Vulnerability Reward Program - Combat Platform Abuse in 2018

Google Expands Existing Bug Bounty Program in 2018

Google now wants to reward security researchers who are able to report methods of misuse of googles product series.

Google has expanded its bug bounty program to include rewards that go beyond reporting specific vulnerabilities. Security researchers now also get rewards when they report methods and techniques that hackers could use to abuse google products and services.

This could be a starting point for enumeration attacks, compromises or a way to circumvent security mechanisms, google employees explains in a blog entry. Rewards of up to $5,000 are waiting researchers on valid submits. In a more detailed blog post the google security team explains about the extended bug bounty program conditions of the program.


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