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AT&T Corporation - Lab uncovers new details about BizCircle Vulnerabilities

AT&T BizCircle - Frontend & Backend Vulnerabilities

Last month, researchers in our laboratory conducted in-depth safety tests on the AT&T BizCircle Platform. This has identified a number of security holes that AT&T has now eliminated. The core researchers in the laboratory go into more detail in the article.

This time the reported security vulnerabilities of the core team were limited to the frontend and backend management of the BizCircle application. Validation weaknesses and output errors in the user profile of the application were exploited. These allowed an attacker to inject malicious script code with persistent attack vectors. The affected entries were e.g. display name, first name & load name.

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PayPal Inc Increases Bug Bounty Payments in 2018 up to 30.000$

Bug Bounty Program increases payments for researchers in 2018

Today in the morning the paypal inc bug bounty program updated again within one month the official bug bounty program conditions. The newst update of j.p. morgan increases the payment amounts to a new stage for participating security researchers.


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