Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year 2014 - Competition & Award

Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year - Competition & Award

Today we announce a new update that takes place inside of the bug bounty module. After several discussion to the public researcher communities and the independent laboratory members we came to the decision to publish 3 international competitions.

The three new categories for the programs and competition are "Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year", "Best Upcomings Bug Bounty Program of the Year" and "Best Bug Bounty Issue of the Year (VL)". All three new sections impact information about the competition and award > "Award Nomination of the ...", "Characteristics of the ..." and "What is the ...?".

Welcome to the international reward wall of the "Best Bug Bounty Program of the Year". The best bug bounty program of the year is an award which will be nominated by 100 vulnerability-laboratory researchers and 101 public security researchers around the globe. The researchers need a minimum score of 3 bug bounties in any public reward system to vote. 3 judges (administration) of the vulnerability-laboratory will randomly choose the 100 voters in the laboratory and also pick out 101 public security researchers outside of the vulnerability-laboratory.

The reward nomination is available to all public verified bug bounty programs & commercial reward systems. The company that wins the competition gets a honorable and unique trophy awarded for the best bug bounty program of the year. The winner of the voting gets an "Eclipse Award Series Cup" in crystal ice with special engraving.

The award is a neutral reference to the public industry and reflects the independent research of the privat and public industry. The award and nomination will be forwarded by neutral judges without commercial influence. The result will only become present after all 201 votes has been arrived. The winner company will be announced by the press, partners and connected portals.

Note: We already finalize the all by text updates in the competition details to ensure the voting is fair.



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