Ebay Inc Magento Bug Bounty Program announced to accept ProStores Vulnerabilities only since 31st July

Ebay Inc Magento Bug Bounty Program announced to accept ProStores Bugs only since 31st July

ProStores is an e-commerce hosting company owned by eBay. End of 2005 Ebay changed the name from "Kurant StoreSense" to the official "ProStores".

All three available editions of the prostores shop web-application (api) are in scope of the new ebay inc magento bug bounty program.

Today the Magento Marketing Team made an important announcement to all security researchers of the public ebay inc & paypal bug bounty program. In the email announcement an Ebay Inc official with connection to Magento Marketing Team explained why the prostores api and web-applications are only in scope since the end of july (31st).

--- Copy of Ebay Mail ---
"Due to the shutdown of Magento Go and ProStores, submissions for these applications will be accepted only through July 31, 2014. We will not pay bounties on submissions after that date but will accept responsible disclosures."

Reference(s): http://magento.com/blog/magento-news/important-announcement-about-magento-go-and-prostores#.U7LZXoVdX5M

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