Published Vulnerabilities


Critical Vulnerabilities in Sparkassen Bank Server discovered by Researchers

Critical Vulnerabilities in the Sparkassen Newsletter, Emails & Paydirect

The core research team of the vulnerability laboratory is helping the german sparkasse to identify new threats of security for the "finance informatik gmbh team" in frankfurt. During the last year we discovered several vulnerabilities in the bank infrastructure, which were silently patched but responsible and safe resolved case. Savings banks in german-speaking countries are called Sparkasse. They do work as commercial banks in a decentralized structure, that is connected on different points. Today we would like to talk about the last resolved security vulnerabilities in the official german sparkasse bank web infrastructure.


Fortinet Patches Series of Remote Vulnerabilities in Appliance Products

Affected FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiVoice & FortiCloud

The Fortinet  company has released several security fixes and patches for different appliance products. The vulnerabilities was disclosed by the core research team of the vulnerability laboratory. The Fortinet Security Team coordinated with PSIRT multiple patches for all discovered issues for  the FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiVoice and FortiCloud appliance web-applications. Lets move deeper into to explain more about our new findings, locations and exploitation.


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