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Google starts new - Security Reward Program for Android Apps

Google Play Store starts Bug Bounty Program for Apps

Today the google security team announced to startup a new bug bounty program for the google play store android application. The program is open to random developers and chosen constituents of researchers.

In a public blogpost the company announced "". We all was awaiting that event for over some years, due to the quality of the applications in the google app store went massively down during the last years.


PayPal Inc announces 2 new Bug Bounty Program Domains

PayPal Inc - New Scope & Program Guidelines

It was a bit silent around the independent paypal inc bug bounty program within the last year, because the developers were silently programming and designing new stable updates. Today in the morning the paypal inc company announced several new updates regarding the guidelines and scopes. The company decided, to expand the program conditions to followup with the program after years of successful public integration.


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