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Barracuda Networks & PayPal – Bug Bounty Program Updates

PayPal and Barracuda Networks has recently made some changes to its official bug bounty programs. There are two sections in which researchers are credited: the honorable mention section, and the wall of fame. The PayPal wall of fame lists the names and organizations of the top 10 researchers that reported vulnerabilities in a specific quarter. Both programs become more transparent with the new official updates.


Security Researcher Acknowledgments [MOS] April – MSRC

Security Researcher Acknowledgments [MOS] April – MSRC

This month several people of our Research Team are listed again on the Microsoft Security Researcher Acknowledgments Page for Microsoft Online Services. Aditya Gupta, Subho Halder, Dev Kar & Benjamin Kunz Mejri also called "usual suspects" of laboratory discovered multiple web vulnerabilities like a persistent script code injection on the microsoft partner cloud service or a editor webkit vulnerability in MSDN Forum.

First we highlight the MSDN Flash Webkit Vulnerability by Aditya Gupta, Subho Halder & Dev Kar.


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