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PayPal Inc Bug Bounty Submission #9 – Analysis & Review

PayPal Inc Bug Bounty Submission #9 – Analysis & Review

In the last month our Team participated multiple times in the official paypal bug bounty program. Karim H.B., Benjamin Kunz Mejri, Ibrahim El-Sayed and a lot of international friends joined large hacking session and discovered bugs to paypal inc. Today we want to talk about the first complete fixed and released issue in the paypal core application. The vulnerabilities has been discovered by Benjamin Kunz Mejri the founder of the vulnerability-labs 2 days ago.

Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected in the official Paypal ecommerce website content management system (Customer/Pro/Seller). The bugs allow remote attackers to implement/inject malicious script code on the application side (persistent) of the paypal web service.

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Barracuda Networks & PayPal – Bug Bounty Program Updates

PayPal and Barracuda Networks has recently made some changes to its official bug bounty programs. There are two sections in which researchers are credited: the honorable mention section, and the wall of fame. The PayPal wall of fame lists the names and organizations of the top 10 researchers that reported vulnerabilities in a specific quarter. Both programs become more transparent with the new official updates.


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