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Mobidea starts new & official Bug Bounty Program in 2016

Mobidea - Bug Bounty Program Startup in 2016

Yesterday morning we received an email by the administration of the Mobidea company regarding the new bug bounty program startup. We would like to announce with thus news article the new independent bug bounty program of "Mobidea".

All vulnerabilities and bugs can be reported via an online formular that is available at the official bug bounty page of the mobidea company page. The new program looks clean and has a trusted background for independent vulnerability researchers or security hackers that do participate.

The new and official bug bounty program do focus to the following typ of vulnerabilities and bugs ...


Trend Micro Direct Pass - Filter Bypass & Persistent Cross Site Vulnerability

Trend Micro Direct Pass - Critical Vulnerability in the secure Cloud Service

The youngest independent security researcher of the vulnerability laboratory infrastructure "Karim Rahal" (13) discovered a bypass issue and persistant cross site scripting vulnerability in the official Trend Micro Direct Pass online service cloud web-application. About two years ago we already disclosed another issue that was located in the direct-pass software and discovered by benjamin kunz mejri.


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