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TOR Project - Official Bug Bounty Program in 2016

Appelbaum announces to start a Tor Project Bug Bounty Program

The Tor network will finacial reward the reports of vulnerabilities and security bugs in their software starting this year (2016). Jacob Appelbaum has announced the information during the talks at the Chaos Communication Congress 32C3.

For the bug bounty program the platform H1 has agreed to invest the money for payments. The main scope of the program should focus on vulnerabilities in the Tor-Browser and the Tor-Messenger software. Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat program that aims to be secure by default and sends all of its traffic over Tor. The Tor Browser lets you use Tor on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux without needing to install any software.


Apple Product Security Acknowledgements - Multiple Vulnerabilities

Multiple Security Acknowledgements in 2015 Q4 by Apple Cupertino

In the last qarter of the year 2015 the core research team of the vulnerability laboratory received multiple acknowledgements by apple for early reported zeroday vulnerabilities. One of the issue affected the main apple.com domain of cupertino and the second issue affected the support.apple.com community. The first vulnerability was a filter bypass issue disclosed about 2 month ago. The second vulnerability report was disclosed begin of december 2015 by apple. The both researcher Hadji Samir and Benjamin Kunz Mejri discovered both bugs together after there separate analysis.

#1: Apple iTunes & AppStore - Persistent Invoice Vulnerability


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