Internet Security Conference 2017 by Qihoo 360

German security experts speech in front of 31,000 people

The german security expert and ceo of the evolution security gmbh and founder of the vulnerability laboratory was invited as keynote speaker to the official internet security conference 2017 in beijing china. In 2017 the official topic of the internet security conference is as follows "Of all Things Human is the Measure".

The invitation for the event was delivered to the security researcher by qihoo 360 (jun li) during the hack in the box event in amsterdam 2017. Our company accepted the request with respect by acknowledment of the honor to give a speech about motivation, possibilities of individuals in the security industry and security research. Speaking in china is a mostly nothing you can force or ask for because those special moments are mainly for people who delivered something to the public stage. During the last years Benjamin delivered several goals to the public security business for the different industries and big international concerns. Therefore he was invited to have a speech in front of the asian internet security conference in 2017.

The keynote talk is a motivating talk about an independent security researcher as progressive unique rebel with impossible dreams. The topic is about reaching goals, unique research and being faster then others by staying with fr13nd5. The talk by Benjamin is about free minds on security, uncensored communication and classic manual hacking skills. The talk is dedicated to all the conference participants and celebrates the event to an open exchange minded community.

We would like to share some pictures  for our readers ...

31.000 watchers of the keynote speeches

35 Minutes Keynote Speech of Benjamin Kunz Mejri - Vulnerability Laboratory & Evolution Security GmbH

CFBond Live Stream of Keynote Speech

The World Today - Conference Interview with Benjamin Kunz Mejri


Internet Security Conference 2017- ISC TV Interview with Benjamin Kunz Mejri


Takungpao TV Interview with Benjamin Kunz Mejri


Benjamin had an amazing workshop in the entrance area after the keynote talk. The bug bounty training was about explaining an active landscape of the bug bounty business in combination with the expert preview on unique programs and uncovered zero-day vulnerabilities. The training teaches about how to build a bug bounty report, developing an environment and reaching the top as research by proof. The deep view of the researcher and the independent influence shows an unfiltered business in all different layers from a point of the black- and whitehat perspective.

Next to Benjamin's keynote speech, the researcher and bio hacker Patrick Paumen had a 10 minute demonstration on stage of the internet security conference 2017. Patrick is a member of the hack in the box team and lives in the netherlands. He is one of the pioneers in the bio hacking sector without killing himself.

At that point of the article we would like to say thanks to qihoo 360 and the isc comitee for the invitation, amazing support and great epic moments with fr13nd5.



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