Simulationcenter - Remote Code Execution | PHP CGI Argument Injection Simulationcenter - Remote Code Execution | PHP CGI Argument Injection

Vulnerability-Lab researcher Kieran Claessens found a Remote Code Execution / PHP CGI Argument injection vulnerability in the official Ferrari Simulationcenter web application at

Users can choose from one in five different circuits (Monza, Imola, Mugello, Silverstone and Nürburgring), while HD screens literally wrap 180 degrees around them, delivering ultra-realistic graphics to boot. The experience perfectly illustrates the concept of the new Ferrari Store, which was opened just two months ago and was conceived not merely as a shopping destination but also as an entertainment venue. With four F1 simulators, interactive video walls and numerous multisensory positions, the new 750 square meter space treats visitors to a completely immersive experience of the Ferrari legend. (copy from

As part of any penetration test, fingerprinting is one of the first steps. After sending a request to their servers, the researcher noticed used PHP/5.3.12 which is known to be vulnerable to a Command execution vulnerability. Claessens started testing for this vulnerability manually and noticed code execution could be performed.

When makeing a POST request to:

Claessens noticed an error. When sending some PHP script along with the POST request he noticed the script was executed. Claessens sent this script: <?php echo(md5(kieran)); ?> and the right hash was returned. He then did some automated testing with a metasploit script and this also gave positive results. This issue was reported to Ferrari and got fixed.

Proof of Concept Video




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