MIA Russian Federation pays 110.000$ reward in competition to compromise the Tor Network Infrastructure

Ministery of Internal Affairs (Russian Federation) Vs. Tor Network & Software

The Ministery of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation started to publish a statement during a security new competition. The ministery praises a competitive to compromise the tor service network or to reveal the information of an independent anonym tor network user. The contest runs since november 30th. The registration has already been started manually but an automatic solution is in progress by the internal team.

The team or person which discovers how to hack or compromise a tor user or network gets 110.000$ reward. During the last week the blackhat conference must disallow 2 speakers which tried to demonstrate how to compromise an anonymous user in the tor network by revealing his real ip/location information. It is not a new topic to security experts that the "Tor network stinks". The reward ceremony is only available to people which are able to discover infrastructure bugs in tor network. Rewards will also be payed for successful possibilities to track tor networks nodes itself.

Note: Normally an ethical hacker should not participate in such a contest, because it definitely changes the life of protesters, human rights activists, politicians and free independent people. Even if the reward is high we want to inform you as reader ago about the risks in connection to the event.

Registration: http://zakupki.gov.ru/epz/order/notice/zkk44/view/common-info.html?regNumber=0373100088714000008

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