Hack in the Box & Haxpo 2014

There are two conference this year on european group you do not want to miss. The fifth annual HITB Security Conference taking place at it’s new home in Amsterdam at De Beurs van Berlage. Featuring an ALL WOMEN keynote line up, HITB2014AMS will truly be an extra special event.

The second conference is the free "Haxpo" Security Con. What exactly does that mean? Imagine an area dedicated to hackerspaces; makers with 3D printers, laser cutters and other fabrication goodies coupled with TOOOL‘s Lock Picking Village, HITB and Mozilla’s HackWEEKDAY developer hackathon, a hackerspaces challenge featuring LEGO Mindstorms EV3, our Capture the Flag ‘live hacking’ competition and topped off by a 3 day IT exhibition featuring Microsoft and Google as the main anchors.

Both conference will be visited by several international guests out of the public and independent security culture/scene. The holder of the conference is Dhillon Kannabhiran a malaysian computer hacker.

Haxpo 2014: http://haxpo.nl/hitb2014ams-haxpo/
Haxpo Registration: http://haxpo.nl/event-registration/?event_id=37-38-39

HITB AMS 2014: http://haxpo.nl/hitb2014ams-conference/
HITB Registration: http://haxpo.nl/event-registration/?ee=20

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