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Vulnerability Magazine

Welcome to the Vulnerability Magazine!

The the vulnerability magazine, publishes the latest vulnerabilities and security informations from our Laboratory. In the magazine we publish ...

- Partner- and own- news articles to the main vulnerabilities
- Exclusive vulnerability news, security videos and open discussions with vendors, clients, partners, members & researchers
- Security information exchange and information disclosure
- Quarterly disclosure (all 3/4 month) of security issue magazine with exclusive content and authors
- Interviews, it-security events, presentations and public talks
- and many more around the it-security world!

Please use the following, provided e-mail, to send us only exclusive news: submit@vulnerability-lab.com


Vulnerability Laboratory

The new Vulnerability-Lab is now live! We are certainly excited about this project and have much to work toward. The Vulnerability-Lab works very hard in bringing Europe and the world a great amount of information regarding vulnerabilities and urgent security advisories. If you are a vendor, Vulnerability-Labs can be an extremely valuable resource for information in detail about the current state of security for your software.

Vulnerability-Lab is a research team that finds vulnerabilities, security holes, and bad security practices in software and applications, bringing this information to one site where vendors may be notified in a professional and timely manner. The Vulnerability-Lab is comprised currently of eleven members who range from experts in the field of Information Security to managers of information and site content. All of these members, however, are greatly interested in security and is their primary concern. The research team releases, on average, 25-40 vulnerabilities a month, ranging from important to critical. The process of releasing vulnerabilities and advisories is always generally followed in a professional manner. Sensitive Information is censored and any contribution from third parties that may include or seem to encourage malicious or stolen content, or personal/group agendas is strictly forbidden. More information about this can be found in the FAQ.

Not only does the Vulnerability-Lab provide advisories for software, but it also allows the customisation of these advisories down to particular vendors, types of vulnerabilities, dates, and even informative videos. If your goal is to only be notified of security holes in your software and to work with the researchers to have it patched, then this option is naturally available. However, collaboration amongst our team and with other teams and vendors is a priority, as education and knowledge always lie in the forefront. Read our blog or join our forum if you would simply like to read more and keep up with the fast-paced world of information security and what is going on in our labs!

Vulnerability-Lab is committed to bringing vulnerabilities to light and collaborating with researchers for the betterment of software and application security. If you are a member of a research team and would like to work with Vulnerability-Lab, send us an E-Mail including who you are and what you are interested in contributing. We also need sponsors! If you are a vendor or research team that would like to employ our services, we would be more than happy to oblige. Donations are, of course, also always welcome. This is a very dedicated and talented team of researchers and workers. Investing in the Vulnerability-Lab will help nurture both the security of your software as a vendor and also status of application and software security world-wide.

Please contact us if you are interested sponsoring, benefits and internet prevention system projects for customers.











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