Welcome to "Vulnerability Magazine"

Vulnerability Magazine

Welcome to the Vulnerability Magazine!

The the vulnerability magazine, publishes the latest vulnerabilities and security informations from our laboratory infrastructure. In the magazine we publish ...

- Partner- and own- news articles to the main vulnerabilities
- Exclusive vulnerability news, security videos and open discussions with vendors, clients, partners, members & researchers
- Security information exchange and information disclosure
- Quarterly disclosure (all 3/4 month) of security issue magazine with exclusive content and authors
- Interviews, it-security events, presentations and public talks
- Zero-day vulnerabilities and major security incidents
- and many more around the it-security world!

Please use the following, provided e-mail, to send us only exclusive news: research@

Vulnerability Laboratory

The new Vulnerability-Lab is now live! We are certainly excited about this project and have much to work toward. The Vulnerability-Lab works very hard in bringing Europe and the world a great amount of information regarding vulnerabilities and urgent security advisories. If you are a vendor, Vulnerability-Labs can be an extremely valuable resource for information in detail about the current state of security for your software.The official Vulnerability Laboratory (Vulnerability Lab) helps with the world's first independent bug bounty hacker community. Leverage their skills and creativity to surface your critical vulnerabilities before criminals can exploit them. The famous Vulnerability Laboratory platform seamlessly tracks all your reports, organizes your team and helps you coordinate an effective response. Our top researchers have published over hundreds of individual discovered vulnerabilities in popular or famous software, hardware, systems and web-application products. We had early decided to develop a secure vulnerability laboratory engine for the safe processing of our zero-day bug bounty security vulnerabilities. The vulnerability lab offers researchers and analysts a reliable and secure way to communicate with common manufacturers to disclose own vulnerabilities, security documents, and poc demo videos. The vulnerability lab infrastructure was the first registered company with a full verified running bug bounty model and license in the world with a confirmed registar sign. Vulnerability-Lab is committed to discovering vulnerabilities and collaborate with researchers for better software, service, network and application end-user security. The project is not limited and supports independent security research.

If you are a manufacturer, the vulnerability-lab will be an extremely valuable resource for information in detail about the current state of security for your software, services or web-applications. Vulnerability Lab owns a core research team that is able to identify and discover own vulnerabilities, security bugs and bad security practices in software, hardware, services, networks or web-applications. The team is bringing this information to one site where the public or only the manufacturers may be notified in a professional and timely manner. The vulnerability lab project was founded in february 2005 by Pim Campers and Benjamin Kunz Mejri.

Please contact us if you are interested sponsoring, benefits and internet prevention system projects for customers.




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