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Microsoft Office 365 Outlook - Bypass & Editor Vulnerability

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook - Bypass & Editor Vulnerability



The Vulnerability Lab security team discovered a persistent input validation web vulnerability in the official Microsoft (cloud-based) Outlook Office 365 web-application. The vulnerability allows remote attackers to inject own malicious script codes to the application-side (persistent) of the vulnerable module. The bug has been reported to Microsoft Security Response Center on 2014-02-28, with the (MSRC) ID: 14095


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CVE 2013 6674 WireTap – Filter Bypass, Persistent Vulnerability & PoC Video

Mozilla CVE 2013 6674 WireTap – Filter Bypass & Persistent Software Vulnerability

In 2013 Q2-3 Ateeq ur Rehman Khan (vl core team) discovered a filter bypass issue with a persistent attack vector in the mozilla gecko engine of the seamonkey and thunderbird software. The vulnerability was tricky to exploit and not easy not discover with the full impact in one step. After 2 weeks analysis of the vulnerability ateeq figured out the location of the problem but also the different attack methods and vectors around the issue.


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