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MIT Security - Alpha Phase of Bug Bounty Program in April 2016

MIT Security - Alpha Phase of Bug Bounty Program in April 2016

In april 2016 the well known MIT EDU started a new official bug bounty program. The MIT Bug Bounty program is an experimental program aiming to improve MIT's online security and foster a community for students to research and test the limits of cyber security in a responsible fashion.

In- Scope Domains

In-Scope Vulnerabilities

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PayPal Inc Bug Bounty Program 2016 - New Vulnerability Uncovered by German Researcher

Researcher exploits Profile Service Mails via Filter Bypass Issue

The leading core research team of the vulnerability laboratory discovered today in the morning a new vulnerability in the paypal inc online service core web-application and api. The issue was uncovered by Benjamin Kunz Mejri during the participation in the official bug bounty program of paypal. After the paypal inc security department received the first analysis report of the issue, a fix was prepared immediately to protect the infrastructure and customers against active exploitation.

Technical Details


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